Gourmet Snack Boxes is started by a guy who has traveled the world and tasted some of the best cheeses and sausages from many different countries while studying abroad many years ago.  After the brief stint abroad was over, he returned back to the US to find nothing but the same old mass-market cheeses and sausages in the very same big box stores, whether he was in New York, Texas, or California.  Deciding that life is too short to not be enjoying artisian sausages and cheese, he scoured the ends of the Internet for unique varieties not found in his local supermarket.


Here on GourmetSnackBoxes.com, we’ve found the tastiest and best looking sausages, cheeses, chocolates, etc. to impress your friends and family at your next big party!  None of the snacks and products here is sold by us directly but we do make a small affiliate commission on most items we link to from the site.  Please check back periodically because we’re constantly updating the site with the latest products we’ve found.


Bon Appetite!